Hey there, hello, hola, konnichiwa, g’day! Thanks for taking the time out to have a look at my blog, Plunge.travel. I’m Dan and I’m the owner, operator, founder, writer, editor, photographer, designer (essentially the ‘one man band’) of this website.

First a little something about me. I’m in my late twenties (well I think I can still get away with saying late, mid-twenties) and since entering this decade of my life, I’ve been lucky enough to call four different countries home – Australia, Japan, the UK and Spain – and I’ve visited a handful of others on the way.

If I had to describe my occupation, then I would say that I am a teacher (legitimately!) and it’s because of this, that I have had the flexibility to be able to travel and teach while living overseas.

During my twenties I’ve also taken the time to learn Japanese and Spanish and speak both with decent fluency and understanding, which is in part to the extended time I’ve spent living in those respective countries.

Now for some cliches; I love travelling and experiencing the lives of others and how they live. This is what motivates me the most to keep travelling and to see the world. Of course, the beautiful landscapes, incredible architecture and delicious food that can be found along the way help as well!

So why Plunge.travel? I chose this name for my blog because I believe travelling is always about taking a leap of faith out into the big wide world and leaving your comfort bubble, aka comfort zone, behind. It’s that mixture of excitement, anticipating and nerves you have before boarding the aeroplane off to your next destination.

If I had never taken a chance and thrown myself into the deep end by going to live in Japan in 2010, I am quite certain I wouldn’t be where I am today, nor with the number of stamps I currently in have in my passport!

On my blog you will find a link to each country I’ve been to along with my relevant blog posts and photos of those places. Naturally you will find a bit more information about the four countries where I have lived for a longer period time, since I have had a better opportunity to get into the nitty gritty daily life in those places.

Rather than me rambling on here, I suggest you check out some of my articles and photos of the incredible places I have visited along the way – they are much more exciting than reading about me!

Thanks for joining me on my journey and I hope you are ready to take the plunge with me!



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