Gallery: Valencia, Spain

Don’t believe that it’s always sunny in Spain.

Don’t worry, I fell for it too.

The Spanish are always talking about how much sun they have, especially here in Valencia, and the thought of Spain elicits images of drinking coffee and having lunch in a sun-filled plaza in many a foreigner (not to mention lazy days at the beach!).

While I hate to shatter the idea; it does actually rain here, and rather unfortunately, much more than I expected. Today is only the third of fourth completely sunny day we’ve had in the past month or so, and I decided to make the most of it by getting out and capturing a few of the typical sights that can be found in the city.

I hung around the historical centre and the neighbourhood (barrio) of El Carmen, since this is where most of the cool buildings and teeny-tiny typical European streets can be found. I passed through the Plaza de Ayuntamiento where the town hall is located, Plaza de la Reina, which hosts the Cathedral, and Plaza de la Virgen, home to the “famous-in-Valencia” Turia River Fountain.

Much of the city is now decked out in Christmas lights and trees since Christmas is less than two weeks away, and a few of the decorations can be seen in my photos. The oranges are also beginning to ripen on the trees around the city and can be seen basically any which way that you walk.

This is just a small taste of the city, but I hope that I have done it justice.


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