Phoenix Rising!

Who said all good things come to those who wait? I don’t know…but probably someone much smarter and wiser than myself. And you know what? I’m sure glad they did because after nearly three years of having created this website to outline my travel journeys, I’m reincarnating it and bringing it back from the dead!

In the past couple of years since first starting the site, I have lived abroad in the UK and right now, I call Spain home. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to a handful of other countries throughout Europe and with a bit of luck, headed back to my old stomping ground in Japan – the place where I first caught the ‘dreaded’ travel bug.

I’ve been in Spain now for almost six months and my goal upon arriving was to become conversationally fluent in Spanish. I’m pretty close to achieving that and in a couple more months I think I will be well and truly there. I’ll be making some posts about my process to get my visa for Spain and some of the hurdles I’ve had to jump, as well as my journey to learn Spanish.

This time around while in Europe, I have only been in Spain (unlike when I was in the UK and I made the most of every half term and school holiday break to escape to continent) but I have a couple of mini trips up my sleeve ready to go.

I’ll be making posts and uploading pictures from all my journeys over the past couple of years and sharing my experiences of those moments – better late than never right?


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